Monday, April 11, 2011

my cup runneth over

these past few weeks were such a blessing for many reasons.  a beautiful, thoughtful baby shower was thrown for me and ella by my sister and a group of wonderful girlfriends.  it's funny, but i felt honored to be at my own daughter's shower.  the sheer power of ella being alive and well is still mind blowing to me.  it is still very hard for me to hold my composure when i think about all of my beautiful family and friends and how they were an extension of god's love for me and my family.

me, my sister, and ella

a few beautiful friends inside and out

cookies that looked and tasted amazing by kenz

lovely ladies at the shower where amy was the gracious hostess

i was presented with a photo album from my sweet friend andi of andi mae photography (she's a professional ;) ).  she was able to capture our journey as we packed up at the hospital and headed home with our ella bundle for the first time.  she did an amazing job capturing the emotion and anticipation of ella's home coming.  i will be sharing those pictures soon.....simply amazing.

ella has been reaching great milestones.  she rolled over this past week.  we were beyond excited!

some tummy time to work on rolling over

some of erik's family has been able to visit for a few weeks, which has been wonderful.  to have his sister, niece and nephew, and mother around to witness ella's beautiful life has been so fun for us.

some of erik's family 
dancing with tante sonja

some of my aunts and uncles were also able to visit.  family is wonderful.

thank you, thank you to our jesus, family, and friends.  i really can't say it enough.

my dad, being the musician that he is, also wrote a song for ella and put video of ella's life in the hospital leading up to coming home to his music.  it really brings erik and i back to the beginning and is such a good reminder of how miraculous ella is.  so hard to go back, but good to remember how jesus is so faithful and full of grace.

view the video at my dad's web page.

all wonderful things that jesus has used to fill my cup.  i am overwhelmed and so, so grateful.