Thursday, March 3, 2011

Swing of things

The usual suspects.  
So I feel like we are getting into a rhythm.  A good one.  The last two-three weeks have been pretty good.  You know.... the boys are kind of over the hype of having baby sister home and seem to be as normal as a 3 and 5 year old can be.  I am able to get meds and food to everyone in a timely fashion.  I am able to get kids down for naps or quiet times or whatever seems to be needed that day.  I am able to have people help take and pick up Elijah from preschool.  I am able to keep a pretty decent schedule to train for a half-marathon.

And all the while, Miss Ella seems to be thriving and behaving "normal".  She really seems to be adapting well with having 2 brothers and all the commotion and bustle that comes with it.  She has been strictly nursing and gaining an average of about an ounce a day.  Yesterday she weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz.  Just the fact that she has enough stamina and energy to nurse has really been amazing and a huge blessing. For me, it has always been easier to nurse than to mix a bottle.  Both of my boys ONLY nursed and did not like a bottle at all.  We have been giving Ella bottles here and there just because she takes oral meds and we need her to be used to taking a bottle every once in awhile.  She really is a sweet, interactive little girl with the most engaging eyes.  I love her.  Love, love seeing her smile and soak in every word I say to her.

She had a cardiologist appointment yesterday.  It went well....heart seems to be doing well functioning at a normal range.  The walls of her left ventricle are still thick, but it is pumping and functioning.  There was some improvement on a 'leak' that she had before that wasn't a major concern, but it isn't there anymore.  The cardiologist said we could take her off of aspirin and ween her off of the coreg.  Erik will have to hop on here at some point and let you know exactly what they has always been hard for me to completely understand everything that's being done and the reasons.  Her heart is doing well is all I really hear and I am happy.  Is that being too naive?

Ella did have a little scare on February 21st.  She had a little spell of a huge spit up, a slightly high fever, and troubles breathing.  We were very nervous and called our cardiologist,  family doctor, and a family friend in the medical field.  She was fine and our cardiologist seems to think it was a reflux issue and it really just tired her out.

It was a reality check AGAIN for me about how fragile our lives are.  It's so funny how we learn lessons and then we have to keep learning them over and over again.  God is so patient and loving.  Love is patient, right?  Right!  I need to remember that when dealing with my kids who are still so young and learning.  This little daughter of mine has been teaching me so much and I am so grateful for every second I have with her.

A mother/daughter talk.

 I really cannot wait until spring shows it's face and cold and flu season tapers off so that I can return to my mom's groups and get out a little more.  As for now, we are enjoying each other at home.  We have been letting people come and visit as long as they have no symptoms of being sick, which has been nice so that we can stay in touch with friends as much as possible.  Thank you all so much for your prayers, meals, groceries, and words of encouragement.  It all really kept us on our feet and going.  We feel like things are settling down and we have a handle on life........until the next "lesson", which we will embrace.  ;)


Sue Asbjornsen said...

Hooray for every blessing, a routine of sorts, good cardio report, friends coming by, some normalcy for the boys and having lovely face to face talks with sweet Ella. How could you not linger as you gaze into those engaging eyes. Well done, Dordals, well done! We have a good and faithful God.

rhonda cyr said...

thank you so much for this update! :) your whole family is on my mind so much, .... and i keep praying for ella, ... health, .. transition, .. normalcy. still, wondering how she's doing, .. how things have settled, ... how the boys are, .... and reading your words, i could feel myself take in a deep breath and just sigh. one of those deep-down-to-your-toes kind of sighs, that leaves a big satisfied smile on your face! :)

so happy for a life time of blessings that have already transpired, ... and for all God has planned for this amazing little life, .. and your wonderful family.

thanks again for the report, ..
love you guys,

Wes Stanton said...

I love it that Ella's the one who's wiggling in the first picture!

cheryl said...

Wow! It sounds like a fairly normal life for a mother with 3 kids ages 5 and under. Ella is such a miracle, and we continue to pray for her. Thanks so much for the update.

Cheryl Dean Dobson

Anesha and Randy said...

We have really enjoyed how God is working in your lives!! It is amazing watching Gods hands in your family !! We are continuing to pray for all of you and pray for a total healing of Ella's heart !! Your blogs have really been an inspiration to me !! As our family has been faced with health issues !! Thank you for opening your heart and sole others !!


Chelle said...

I have been thinking of you so much, sweet friend...wondering how you are doing and if life is settling into a rhythm for you. We sure are missing you at Bible Study but of course we understand that for now, you need to stay tucked away with your dear little daughter until she is strong enough to make her worldwide debut... We are so excited get to meet her. Sending you my love and prayers. Just wanted you to know that you are very much missed. And tell you that we thank Jesus on a regular basis for the great big beautiful way He's used Ella to show us that He's still today the miracle-working God that He's always been. xo

Miller Family! said...

It was so, so nice meeting you and your sweet little Ella today! She is just beautiful :) God is so good all the time and I am so glad to hear that Ella is doing so well! It was such a blessing for me to meet the little soul I had prayed for, and to see the answered prayers from God!!
Love, Talia