Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homecoming Queen

Her last moments at the hospital
...As in "Drama Queen!"  Well maybe not drama, necessarily.  Just that she started out her first couple days at home acting like we should somehow be at her every beck and call (good guess, Ella), and refusing to acknowledge that you're supposed to sleep at night (as many babies do).  It was a little concerning, though, because she seemed to be very uncomfortable and unconsolable, like her tummy was hurting pretty bad.  Then, of course, we wondered if she's not handling her medications well and if that will cause a problem.  But mostly, we think she was just used to getting pampered by all those great nurses at the N.I.C.U. :)

Together at home.  The boys were uncontrollably happy.

However, she's really getting quickly acclimated to a routine at home.  Last night was our best sleep yet and she hasn't been spitting up her milk nearly as often.  Part of it might be because we have been able to get a rhythm started with regard to handling her feedings and administering her medications.  She has 7 meds that need to be given in various amounts 4 times daily.  We think we've figured out a pretty good system of giving them to her so that she has the best chance of keeping them in her belly.  And she has been doing good at that lately.  By the way, you'd think it would be quick & easy to give Ella her tiny amount of medication but it takes a deceptively long time (pretty much the same as getting our boys ready to go somewhere - no matter how quickly you think you can get it done, it somehow always takes a half an hour.  We know all you parents out there can relate to that.)

With Thing 1...
... And Thing 2
Now, back to the day we got to bring her home:  We were a bit unprepared for how emotional it was leaving the hospital.  It hit both of us hard and unexpectedly.  It was a culmination of all those days & nights spent by her side.  All the blog updates, phone calls & texts.  All the prayers & requests for healing.  The ups & downs, the times we felt totally drained and the times we were energized.  The relationships we built with many of the nurses & doctors - and, somehow, even a few of the other babies there (we love you baby Harris!).  Mostly, it was the realization of just how far little Ella has come that brought unstoppable tears of pure joy to our eyes. 

Once we pulled up to our house, the tears turned to huge smiles when we saw how excited our boys were to have their little sister home.  They were just so happy and proud, it seemed, to be her big brothers. 

So in all, getting Ella home was definitely worth the wait.  Even if she is a drama Queen, 

(special thanks to our good friend, Andi with "andi mae photography" for helping us document her homecoming!)

By the way, we didn't intend for our last blog to seem like it was the end of our sharing.  Not at all!  It was just a quick thank you & "wrap up" of her time at the hospital because we were so exhausted from our stay there.  But its good to know that people want to continue following her journey! :) 


Kathy said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the update on your homecoming. We've been loving the pictures (I've even got a page print or two for you!) and just wanted to hear your story to go with them. We're so thrilled to have you all together at home at last. Love to you all.
Aunt Kathy

Jenny Mertes said...

I wish you could see all the "views" (maybe you can) so your readership would be obvious - I'm sure many of us read, weep, shout for joy, pray, and otherwise react to your sharing without ever leaving a comment. But still, we are affected by Ella's story, and I join all of those who are so glad you'll be continuing to write. Many blessings to you and your family today!

Jen said...

So happy to hear that you all have a good routine and things are going well! We always pray for your family and are very excited to continue following your family's journey!

ps. We LOVE Andi's pictures! What a sweet blessing to have her there - documenting such a wonderful day!!!

Love, The Snider Family

Ken and Beth Pratt said...

Dordals! Baby Hayden (Harris) misses Baby Ella! The NICU just isnt the same:)

carilyne said...

So glad Ella is home and doing well. She (& you) have been on my heart and prayers for a long time, especially after the hospital. Would so love to document your journey in a photobook for you.
Carrie Gretz

Linda said...

So very,VERY happy for you, and the boys....oh, what precious pictures of them holding baby sister.
Blessings to you and God's continued peace as you all adjust to Ella being home.
Please continue your blog...there is a gal, Sherri, at my work that has had a picture of Ella up on her bathroom mirror so she can pray for her daily, and others who have really been praising God for his "handiwork".
Love you all, Linda (Andi's MOM)

Malisa @ My Lil' Corner of the World said...

Praise God! I am so very, very happy for your family at Ella's homecoming. My third child, a boy, was born on Nov. 5 and I found your blog shortly after he was born. When I read your first blog entry, my heart hurt for you. I couldn't imagine what you were going through. I prayed for you and your family every day. Your Ella is a perfect example that God can work miracles. Your daughter is so beautiful and so loved. Thank you for sharing her journey on this blog, and I hope that you do continue it. It's been a blessing in my life and a good reminder to be thankful for my children each and every day.

jonesfamily said...

So glad your whole family is under one roof.

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Such amazing photos to share your joy! I am truly amazed at God's healing. What seemed hard to imagine is come into full reality. SHE IS HOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU and your family. Those smiles on your faces bring tears of joy to my face as well.

Courtney M.

tommyboysmom said...

Praise the Lord, and your entire family. I hope the new journey your starting is filled with many happy smiles and memories. Excellent, excellent photo's, the thing 1, and thing 2 brought tears to my eyes, all of them are simply priceless. God Bless your entire family!


Aminta said...

So so amazing, and those pictures are way way way precious. The prettiest and most amazing Homecoming Queen EVER!