Wednesday, January 5, 2011


By His mercy He proves He is love.  I had to remind myself of this today.  God has shown great mercy in all of this.  I felt so weary last night and started worrying and becoming anxious about Ella's stomach.  She had an ultrasound on her stomach Monday and we hadn't heard the results until today.  When I start looking too far in the future, I really become so anxious.  I need to remind myself and take notice of what God HAS done and what He is doing.....He is showing His love in one of His many ways by how merciful He has been.  We are loved and I really need to remember that.

Ella's ultrasound of her stomach was "normal".  So now they are going to pull back the tube that was put in past her stomach and before mentioned narrowing in her intestine.  Pull it back into her stomach and put it on a slow drip to see if her stomach will process the feedings.  I have been praying so hard for her stomach to start working, so hard that at times I don't even have words to pray, but I know God hears my heart and I will continue to trust in Him.

Her heart continues to be functioning in the lower end of the normal range, which is a huge blessing.

 It's hard not to look beyond today and imagine the day that we might take her home.  I am going to continue to be thankful for each day we have with Ella.  I partly write these things to remind thankful for His mercies......His love.


Linda said...

Oh Christa...continue to have faith in God's work, not only in Ella's body, but her spirit and yours and Eriks too. He can do all things!! In HIS timing and not ours. And Yes...he DOES know your heart even when you have no words to pray! He knows ALL things..He goes before us, clears the way for his miracles to be accomplished and be made known.
We love each of you,
Linda and Bob

The Boggs Family said...

My heart is totally aching for you... and welled with gratitude for what He has done, and what He is doing, after reading your latest post; thank you for sharing & we continue to pray for you guys & your beautiful baby girl!
P.S. I love these pics! She's totally changing her look from newborn to baby! And, that 2nd pic is amazing; I love how sh'es looking at her beautiful mama!! LOVE it! Big hugs comin' atchya this morning...

cheryl said...

I pray for her daily and have been specifically praying for healing for her digestive system. God is listening and now she is one step closer to it being healed. I also pray for you and Erik and the boys to have the strength to endure.

Cheryl Dobson

Jennifer Howard said...

Continued prayers and blessings to you all. We love following your blog and seeing the beautiful photos. Our prayers for her remain steady! Please Lord heal Ella... this wonderful little girl and bundle of love.

The Howard family

Ruth said...

We are continuing to pray for you today. Hope that you can give yourself some grace - Jesus wept even when He KNEW how things were going to turn out wonderfully. He surely understands a mother's hurting heart and anxious mind. Rest in His presence today. He cares so much about you!!

-The Stoops Family

tommyboysmom said...

Lord I pray your blessing, comfort and healing for baby Ella, my the strength of your love be a support for Christa and the entire family. And I pray God's steady hand on those who care for her medically. We hold this precious baby girl to you and pray for continued health.

The Walton Family :)

Jenny said...

Oh I just love to see you hold her!

terry said...

I love the pictures, they are amazing... What a miracle now and forever!!!!