Monday, May 9, 2011


trying to juggle, remember, enjoy, simplify.

i really do love my kids and husband, but (going to put myself out there) find myself constantly having to remind myself that it is all a gift and to be grateful.  grateful for breathing, laughing, living, togetherness, just being.  trying not to get stuck on the shallow ins and outs of life, but truly enjoying and remembering what is and has been

i want to cut back on all that complicates and focus on what matters.  trying to picture what that means and how to do it.....random thoughts.

ella has an appointment with her cardiologist on wednesday.  she is taking different combinations of 3 medications (digoxin, captopril, zantac) 4 times a day.  hoping that she will eventually not need these medications.  she weighs 10 lbs 4 oz.  she has only been nursing and really loves it, but i think i am a little concerned for her weight.  need to make sure she keeps an upward trend.  she has been sleeping really well and is establishing a routine for naps, eating, and awake time.  makes it a little easier to plan our day with her having more of a schedule.  all in all we are still in awe and so thankful for her in our life....for all 3 of our kids.  


                    they are little miracles.


The Story of Us said...

Thank you for posting this Christa. Your posts always put life into perspective - I truly admire your strength.

You have 3 beautiful, healthy & happy children. Congrats to you!

Amy... said...

Christa, you are BEAUTIFUL! Every single bit of you. Love you...and love those three miracles of yours!

Miller Family said...

Thanks for another update. The picture of you and Ella is absolutely adorable! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

langfamily said...

Christa! so great to hear from you. I wish we could spend time catching up in person. Praying for Ella's weight and meds and that you can hand it over to Jesus and let Him sort those out by guiding you with His Spirit into the Truth of what you need to do or peace that you're doing it already. ;) I love you and your beautiful heart and family!!!

Lora May said...

Christa! So happy to see Ella is doing so well and that the miracle continues as you continue to simplify and really focus on what matters in life. Such a road but so worth the flowers we get to pick along the way :)

Lots of love to you and your beautiful family!!

Many many hugs!