Wednesday, May 11, 2011

appointment with the cardiologist

Ella's heart continues to do well and blow people away.  I mean her cardiologist even specifically said, "she's the bomb."  Her echo showed that the function has improved since the last time and her heart size is basically normal.  There are only a few trivial concerns, but they are small enough that they are comfortable taking her off of her main heart medication (digoxin).  Also took her off of zantac, which was for reflux.  So now she is down to 1 blood pressure medication, which if she continues to show improvement, they will most likely take her off of it in 2-3 months.  ?!?!  Off all medications by the end of the summer?!  Can't say how amazed and thankful we are.  She weighed 10 pounds 9 ounces at the doctors today.  She's still at the very low end of the growth chart, but she is growing.  Just waiting for some fat rolls!

We also stopped by the NICU today and saw a few of the nurses that Ella had.  It was great to hear the comments about how good she looked since it has been a while since they last saw her.  We hope it brightened their day to see how far she's come and to see the fruits of their labor as they continually work with premature and sick babies.  Forever grateful for the nurses' caring hands and hearts.

We think Ella has probably had cabin fever for pretty much her entire life, and with some nice spring weather finally here, we are itching to get her out more.  She's got so many people to meet & places to see, so there will definitely be more Ella sightings in the very near future!


Sue Asbjornsen said...

She has doubled her weight! I recall "seeing" her well and thriving even after scary prognosis 6 months ago; and look at her being all gorgeous and darn healthy! Let the fat rolls begin! Thankful and exulting with you.

carly said...

christa! what wonderful news! i had been thinking about you guys and hoping the appointment went well. :)

JJ Dahl said...

She is just absolutely precious!

Anastasia said...

What a beautiful picture :) I am continued to be amazed by Ella's story - God has something very special planned for her! :)