Monday, July 4, 2011

just right

since we have been going out more and more these days, we get more and more 'comments' these days.  'she is so small, she is teeny, wow 7 months'.  being the prepared, ready type, i feel like i need to prepare this whole speech or disclaimer to explain her whole situation.  should i?  what is the best way to show His love through all of this?  something to think and pray on.

when i got home tonight from the 'she's so small' comments i told ella that she was just right.  i want her to know that she was made just right.  
'i will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are your works; and that my soul knows right well.'  psalm 149:13  

 as i texted my husband about the interaction and my frustrations, he reminded me that 'we need to remember to be the good, positive voices for them. cause not many otherwise are.'  again, i'm reminded that as we live out life we really need to be the good, positive voices.

if we choose, we can live out a life that God has made for us......a fulfilling one.  YOU are all made juuuuust right!  you are made just the way God wanted you to be.  you have so many talents that He has bestowed on you to use for His kingdom.  use your talents, failures, strengths, weaknesses, LIFE to glorify Him.  this is what we are called to do.  i mean after all, He has given all that is good.  He gave His only Son!  the very thought of giving my flesh and blood for others gives me the true sense of sacrifice.  the only response that makes sense is to give back ALL that i have......what is your response?

i pray and pray for what my children will respond with......

for they have been fearfully and wonderfully made.


KandJ said...

I always love the thoughtfulness of your words. It’s encouraging to know that they have a maker who sees them for exactly what and who they are! I think it’s a blessing that you do get to share her story with so many people although it must be so frustrating sometimes when people make comments. I guess you could just say, “Yep, babies are small!” I’m sure they would feel kind of dumb:). You are too nice to do that!

Jessi said...

Having a micro preemie son, we get comments like that constantly. And its frustrating and many times, hurtful. It helps to have a rehearsed comeback (whether is be the condensed version of your daughter's health history or something like "yes and we are just so thankful that she is alive and healthy!" because honestly, sometimes people can be clueless. I wrote about this extensively in a post -

and here is another one like it from my friend:

Now, I know that our situations aren't exactly similar, but I just felt I should share this with you.

Kathy said...

Christa, I think you should make up some cards with your blog url and hand it to anyone who comments. That way they'll get the full benefit of your wisdom! (And I love Jesse's suggestion, because we ARE just so glad she's alive and healthy!!)

Bryan and Kalya said...

Yes, she is wonderfully made!!!!!!!
I love her, I love all my grands.....and miss them so...
Thank you God for Ella, this tiny babe fill my heart!

Jennie said...

What a joy to log on and see how Ella has grown. She was born 2 days after I had cancer surgery (at the same hospital). I knew by the HS she was going to make it. She was my hope. By the grace of God I am healthy and well also. God is full of miracles.
As far as being little, you don't have to be a preemie, I have a full term granddaughter that is just a "little" girl.