Monday, June 20, 2011

ella's first wedding

my sister, andi, was married to bob this last saturday.

it was a beautiful wedding. a great celebration and a wonderful day overall.


 my family was able to participate from erik officiating the wedding to me being the matron of honor.

 everyone was so beautiful, inside and out.  happy.  joyful.

ella showed her resilience.  she has a beautiful temperament.  i love my family so much and, once again, feel so blessed by them.

the end


The Boggs Family said...

AWESOME! Christa, you look amazing --- sooo beautiful & I cannot believe you've just had 3 babies! Speaking of your kids... they are adorable! Oh my word --- waaaaay cute! Their smiles & joy are contagiously uplifting! Wow - how cool that Erik got to officiate, too! I didn't know he did that! Your sis looks so much like you, too... what a beautiful family all around! So glad you guys are doing well... you look amazing & when I read your heart on things when you post, I just get welled with gratitude for what God has done & is doing in your lives. Love & hugs from Southern Oregon! :)

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

What beautiful pictures. I LOVE the ones of you all together as a family - and the ones of the three kids together. What a beautiful celebration!