Monday, December 6, 2010

Belly Update

This is just a quick update & request for prayer.  A test was done to see if the cause of Ella's tummy problems could be found & the doctor reported that there is a 2cm long "narrowing" in her small intestine.  He couldn't say with complete certainty exactly what it is, but he's fairly sure it is an area of scarring that was a result of poor blood flow when her heart was at its most inefficient.  If this is the case, it will not be able to heal on its own, because it is scar tissue.  Therefore, the only option would be surgery, which might not be a possibility with Ella's heart condition & the medications she's on.  The doctors, radiologists & cardiologist will be putting their heads together today to discuss various options & opinions.

So, we are asking you all to go to the Father to ask for more unexplainable healing that only He can do.  We've already seen Him greatly improve a heart that shouldn't have improved at all.  We are in awe that He has healed her to a point where she is completely breathing on her own, without any respiratory devices (!).  So we know he can heal an intestine that "can't heal on its own" as well.

Hey, where's my respirator? 

But should His will be something else, we are praying for the right process & decisions to be made regarding her care.  For wise 2nd opinions & plan B's to keep her stable & growing in the event that surgery is too risky for the time being.

Thank you all again.  We hope this will prove to be just another hurdle that currently appears to be detrimental, but is really a simple snap of the fingers for the God of miracles.

Amazing Time in Mama's arms

Our little Binky Baby


Nicoly said...

I love that picture without the respirator...what a testimony to God's power! She is so, very beautiful and we are still praying. Thank you for the update!

The OD's!!!! said...

Praise God she is off her respirator! The LORD is faithful to hear our prayers, I will be praying with you for your daughter's heart.

LORD Jesus, please do a miracle in this baby's intestine. Thank You for the miraculous healing you have done on her heart, Your love and care for us is amazing. Please guide and direct the doctor's with wisdom, and let Your hand be upon their's, blessing all their work. Thank You for holding this family up during this trying time. Please Lord provide all their needs - You are faithful and Good. Give them peace that surpassing understanding and increase their faith in You to do these miracles. Thank You again, Father, for your faithfulness to hear and answer our prayers! You know what is best for us, and for this family. Thank You for your goodness towards us. Be glorified in all You do for this family, may Your name be lifted high and all praise be given unto You.

In Jesus name, Amen

Lisa said...

I love the new picture. I am praying for you. Thanks forthe update.

jenny said...

We'll certainly pray right now.

Thank you for such detailed updates. It helps to know how to pray specifically for little Ella.

And just so you know, each post your write is like a little devotional to me. You don't know how encouraging they are--even when you post some with not-so-good news. Seeing how you turn to God with a trusting heart encourages me.

Linda said...

Our God is an awesome God!
We will continue to pray God's wisdom for the doctor's and her care. Thank You Christa and Erik for your abounding faith and encouragement in God's healing of Ella. Your amazing!! And we love you.
Bob and Linda Tackett

Linda said...

I cannot help but remember the scripture that says, "..I knew you in your mother's womb...I knit your innermost parts...." Ps 139
Praise God our Father thru Jesus His Son for His healing power. May God continue to "set a watch" over Little Miss Ella, and over you and Erik's hearts and minds.
Our God is an AWESOME God!
Continuing to STAND with you.
Love you both.
Andi's mom - Linda :)

Shelly said...

Oh sweet little Ella!! She is so beautiful! How absolutely fabulous it is to see her whole precious face! I pray our all powerful and ever merciful Father will continue to show his magnificence in continuing to heal Ella's body, specifically this intestinal blockage, and to continue healing your hearts and filling each of us with faithful hope. And I CAN'T WAIT for the time you get to experience the joy of actually nursing your first and sweetest girl for the first time! God Bless and continued blessings

Keith and Meghan said...

Still praying!

yoon yi said... are amazing! Your favor be on this baby girl and the family, right now in Jesus name! WE believe!!!!

How awesome that she's breathing on her own. Day by day.....He's healing her and this incredible journey is what life is all about!!!


Dana said...

praying for all, thanks for your updates.

olive green anna said...

She's looking so beautiful.

We are praying for her belly.

We love you

anna and dominik

rhonda said...

thanks again, for taking the time to post these updates. for all of us who have ella (and your whole family) on our minds everyday, ... these little memos, help to keep the prayers fresh, and current, ... they instill new passion that carries us to the Father with our armloads of "stuff". as i imagine myself carrying those specifics, the burden seems enormous, .. and yet when God sees me approach, He smiles, and the weight is lifted. "ahh, yes, ... it's my tiny ella, ... isn't she something?". why, yes, ... Lord, she is! You have done an amazing work in her already! :)

i stand in awe of our Father .... who knows the beginning and the end and loves us more fully than we can understand. and standing with you in prayer, ... for ellas body to be made whole, .. for wisdom for the docs, ... for strength and peace for you, .... and hope.
loving you, .. in prayer.

cheryl said...

I am lifting Ella up in prayers, specifically for healing for her small intestine. She looks so alert in the latest pictures and that is good.

Cheryl Dobson