Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eventful, but not

We have, for the most part, been hanging out with Ella and waiting.  We are waiting for her to gain some weight and waiting for next week when the doctors and surgeons will take a look at her belly again.  In all this waiting, we have really been enjoying Ella.  To just look at her.....hold her......bathe her......nurse just "be" with her.

She had her first bath a couple days ago.  She did not make a sound, but instead soaked in the experience.  Her eyes got instantly huge (like they always do) and she started moving her limbs around slowly and fluidly.  It was such a special time with her.  The nurse said, "I had a feeling she would enjoy this."

That little Ella is so curious with those eyes of hers.  She doesn't fuss much probably because of all she has had to endure.  We have seen this as a great blessing that she has a great temperament since her heart would not have been able to handle much.  She is so pleasant and just likes to observe, interact, and visit.

She also was able to try "nursing" for the first time last night.  The doctor said to try nursing her right after I pumped so that she wouldn't get too much milk.  Plus, if she does get a little milk then we can see what her stomach will do.  Kind of a mini test.  Ella has always rooted and tried to nurse when I hold her so this was kind of a treat for her.  She did ok....I could tell she was getting frustrated because this was the most I've heard her cry and grunt.  Luckily, our nurse for the night was a former lactation specialist and she helped Ella latch on.  It was wonderful.....I can't express in words how close it made me feel to Ella.

A couple more events while we have been waiting include Ella being moved to a crib and she had a big visit on Christmas day in the viewing room.  Family was able to see her all together including far away family over Skype from Olympia, Norway, and Hawaii.  It was great to be with family and Ella at the same time.

So really, we have been doing a lot while we are waiting.  Kind of seems to be the case....when Jesus has us "wait"  He is doing a lot in us to help us grow.  Amazing.


Chic Mama said...

Such wonderful news in the "waiting". I am glad you are getting time to just enjoy her!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness...I love the bath picture! Ella is precious! So happy to hear you were able to nurse her too! What a gift! We are continuing to pray for your little family!
Love, The Snider Family

The Story of Us said...

I've been wondering (and hoping) if nursing was an option for Ella. I'm so thrilled to hear she was able to give it a try and that you were able to share that bonding experience with her. What a special moment for baby and mama.

Linda said...

Hi Christa!!!
It just gets better and better!! We are so excited for you!! Ella is a brave, tenatious little girl!! And your right about her eyes!! They say a whole lot about her!! And the little wrinkles on her forehead! Her little brain is going full tilt! Taking everything in..all the new things she experiences! Such a sweet spirit she must have!
May the Lord continue to heal Ella's heart and tummy...
You are loved!!
Linda and Bob Tackett

cookiemommy said...

Thanks for continuing to share the story of Ella...Loved this one about waiting and how timely as we are soon to usher in a New Year. God is good and faithful and you are all shining His light brightly as you wait living life one moment at a time. Love Robi

cheryl said...

I am so glad that she was able to nurse some. How amazing God is in his healing powers. I continue to pray for her to gain weight and for her digestive system to mature as her heart has. Have a Happy New Year with your beautiful family.

Cheryl Dobson

The Liezen Family said...

Happy New Year to your family. May God continue to shower you, the boys and Ella with blessings in 2011!
The Liezen Family

Chantel Monet said...

So special that you were able to give nursing a try! And after longing to hold her for so long, this must have been so special for you! Praying for you as always,the news keeps getting better and better!!

Chelle said...

praying for more sweet milestones + miracles with Ella as you wait on Him.

and praying for grace enough to get you through every day as you "wait" I can only imagine how weary you must feel some days.

Chelle said...
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Marcia said...

A poem for you Ella

The Gift of Life

Heaven sent
angelic and sweet
a bundle of joy
so precious and meek

An answered prayer
a soul with a seed
to grow for God
and live for a need

Works of Almighty
from up above
meant to be
meant to love

For you alone
are proof to show
there is a Lord
we all must know

Meaghan said...

it is amazing to see how much stronger Ella has become just by looking at her pictures. Her eyes are so big and alive for her bath, I think God lets her know how many people love her.
Your words have been so encouraging and God has already used this trial of yours to impact my life.
Thank You
God is Good

Becca said...

Oh she is just so pretty. I love those big eyes! That bath picture is precious. I'm still praying for you! I'm so glad you got the chance to nurse her.