Friday, December 3, 2010

Ella Belle's Belly

Ella's loving brothers.

Ella's brother has 'officially' given his sister a nickname.....Ella Belle.  After she was born and we were sitting in the hospital room, Elijah asked "what should her nickname be?"  Before we could answer, he blurted out.....ELLA BELLE!  I just love hearing the boys say her name and talk about their baby sister.  They love her so.....and it warms my heart.

Ella Belle's bellY needs to start working.  I would like to ask for prayer specifically for her belly and digestive system.  She has been spitting up, which would just be an inconvenience with normal babies.  I remember telling people with the boys "he's a spitter so watch out!".  She needs to keep things down to grow and absorb oral medications.  I feel like I am sounding like such a your food!  do you want more?  you need to grow strong!  there's more, have more!  I remember my grandmas, mom, and mother-in-law always encouraging food for growth and strength.  Now here I am encouraging the same.  Ella has been given a little breast milk through a line in her nose then she needed to have an oral medication through the same line so they stopped the feedings.  The volume of milk with medication would have been too much for her to handle.  Then they were giving her pedialite to see if it would help things move.  She has been spitting up a lot so they stopped the pedialite, but she was still spitting up today (stomach bile, spit, and random fluids).  My mother's heart would really love to see her stomach absorbing medications and feedings.  Please pray with me.

Ella eating via mama.  I love feeding my babies. Even when they are in my belly. :)
I am always intimidated to write about Ella's medical status.  My husband, Erik, is such a blessing when it comes to that area.  He talks to the doctors and nurses and then remembers what they say.  Me, on the other hand, I feel so emotional and....overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and overcome, but at the same time my mind can't stop thinking about all the medications and her small little organs that need to be strengthened.  Ella is always on my mind and heart so I will randomly ask Erik questions about her medications, what the dr's report was for the day, and why this is happening to dear Ella.  He has been such a constant for me in this storm.  He reminds me of the simple things that get washed away in the midst of this storm.  Things like how we need to keep our trust in Jesus and Him alone, how Jesus has already paid the price for our sin, how we need to believe and go to Jesus in prayer and ask for our heart's desire.

I am asking, dear Jesus, that you will heal Ella's little body and please heal her little belly.  I am asking that we will always treasure every breath that we and loved ones take.  Life is a gift and we need to love.....just love.  God, help us to love.  Ella is teaching us how to love and we thank you for that Jesus.  Amen.


AndiMae said...

Sweet friend, it was such a blessing to hear your voice today. And it is such a blessing to hear your voice come out in your writing too! I feel like I am getting to know a new, beautiful side of you as you express your heart through this blog. I love it!

And I am praying for little Ella. Constantly. And specifically for her tummy + all the digestive issues. I am so grateful for all that God has done in her life and all the amazing ways He has healed her, and I am believing that He can heal her tummy as well!

I love you and am so grateful for you, Christa!

bella_luna06 said...

I love you Christa. I can't help but feel connected to you and Ella Belle. I've known you for so long. Just yesterday my fiend Marc and I were looking over all the blogs and we were actually talking about her digestive system and we both stopped and prayed for her together.
I am thankful as well for the strength you have and how you can also lean on Erik with his strengths of a different kind. You are both special with such a beautiful family.
Hugs and kisses across the miles!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

Praying with you for Ella Belle's tummy and the workings of every organ in her precious body; for your mama's heart, for Erik's strength, for E & A as they grow each day on their big and biggest brother roles.

LAURA said...

My kids love praying for Ella, especially our Ella since she thinks it's super special to pray for a sweet little girl with her name -so I will tell them to pray with me, and with you, and with everyone, for Ella's tummy to do it's work for her precious body. We are praying all the time...
Love in Him, The Ruffs

pwrhouse22 said...

Lord I pray that you would continue to heal Ella. I pray that you would help all of her organs to function properly. I specifically pray for her tummy, that it would keep the food, nutrients and medications down. Please stop the spitting up and tummy discomfort. And Lord please give her mommy and daddy the peace and strength they need each and every day! We praise you for all that you are doing!

The Robinsons

Coby said...

Jesus, please touch sweet Ella's digestive system. Lord, I pray you would cause her digestive system to work as you created it to, and that it would absorb the food and medication. Please cause the spitting up - and the discomfort that comes with it - to stop. Thank you, for the amazing work that you are doing in and through Ella. Thank you for the miracle that she is. Please give her parents and brothers a supernatural sustaining anointing! In Jesus' name, AMEN!

olive green anna said...

We are thinking and praying for you often. We love you. and your beautiful family!

anna and dominik

cheryl said...

Your boys are adorable and what a cute nickname! My prayers continue for Ella, and I will specifically ask God to make it possible for her to digest the medicines and foods she needs to get stronger and thrive.

Cheryl Dobson

Jenny said...

I explained this to my kids, but I guess I didn't do a very good job. Tonight Gracie prayed that Ella's food and medicine wouldn't bump into her heart and pop back up. ;)

Linda said...

Praying, and standing in FAITH with you and Erik.

Andi's mom - Linda :)