Monday, November 15, 2010

First night home.

As anticipated, it was very hard to leave little Ella at the hospital.  As we drove away, I felt a piece of me being tugged further and further away.  I know she will be taken care of, I just long to hold her and be the one to take care of her.  One day I will.
While I was in the hospital the nurses, doctors, and visitors knew my family's story and treated me accordingly.  I feel so vulnerable being out in the "real world" now.  Walking around in public I realize now more than ever that there is a story behind every person.  As we come in contact with others known and unknown we should really treat them as precious children of God.  We do not know what is happening on their life journey.  Jesus calls us to be lights in this dark shine!

Life will throw hard things at us, but we must continue to shine for others and for our God who is the source of our light.



cheryl said...

We continue to pray for Ella's recovery, one small step at a time. May God give Erik and you comfort as you have to leave her at the hospital to be at home with your boys. They will take care of her, and we know you will spend as much time as possible with her. May God bless your family.

Tommy and Cheryl Dobson

Chelle said...

Christa I have been praying so much for you today, as I cannot even fathom how hard it was to go home without her. And yet your heart in all this is so amazing, as you guys trust and praise Jesus through it all. What a beautiful imapact your tiny girl is making on the hearts of so many. And it's so true that we have no idea when we are out and about what sort of battles people are fighting or heartaches they are going through. Loving your thoughts so much. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are so beautiful, dear friend.

Jen said...

I read this in my devotion this morning and instantly thought of your family.

"Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God? You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples."
Psalm 77:13-14

Praying for you all!

Crystal said...

I totally relate to you in many ways... I felt a very similar feeling months ago. Praying for you often.

rhonda cyr said...

christa, ... i got on the computer to check in as i do everytime i'm at home, and can get to my computer. i was praying for you guys, and wishing i had some wonderful, brilliant thing to say, something fresh that hadn't already been said. words of encouragement that could somehow allow you to hear the voice of the all-powerful Creator of the universe. as i prayed for words, ... i read your entry, ..first night home.

apparently, it was me who would be encouraged today, .. reminded in such a profound way, that what we do, .. and how we live, is seen by the world. thank you for your words today, ... may we all "shine" where ever Jesus has us!! :)

CLewis said...

I love this reminder...something I have been trying to apply this past year as I run into people. Sometimes we just don't know what is going on in that person's day/week/month or year that has led to that moment. God gives us grace daily and we should extend that same grace to others.
Holding your family up in prayer, thank you for sharing your journey so that the rest of us can learn and grow alongside you. God Bless.

Coby said...

Praying for your sweet girl! My situation with my twins was totally different, but I had to leave them in the hospital while I was discharged. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to be away from them and leave them, when I wanted to go home with my babies.

Continuing to lift you and Ella up in prayer.

jessicaaahhh said...

Thank you for this powerful reminder. I understand more clearly than ever before. I go to New Community and am touched and moved to prayer for your family. These updates spur us on as we fight and trust together. God's strength is so evident in your words. He is good!

cookiemommy said...

I loved what you said here Christa, something I often remind myself of-"we don't know the story." Everyone needs love and as God loves us we can fully love them knowing He knows the full story.Thanks again for sharing your story with all of us, being open and vulnerable in it as it is a gift to pray with you for Ella as her story unfolds. Much love Robi

Blomgrens said...

Dordals - we are burdened for you during this time and praying for you and especially baby Ella. We just started going to New-Community and hope to meet you soon. Please know we are here to support you.
-The Blomgrens
*Great idea to start the blog so we could pray more specifically.*