Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Update

3:45pm - Just had another little time with Ella.  We mostly sat & looked at her, talked to her & spoke with each other a lot so she could hear our voices & hopefully feel "at home".  This morning we got to do a few fun things like take her temperature & clean off some crusties from around her mouth.  Nice to feel a bit more like normal parental units...

On to medical stuff.  Latest Echo-Gram again showed an increase in blood flow through the Aorta (or something to that effect), which is a nice sign.  But there is still no improvement in the actual muscular function of the left ventricle.  Again, this is the main issue that the cardiologist said would need a miracle to heal on its own & become viable.  But it is also causing secondary problems in other organs (originally lungs, lately kidneys).  However, Ella - being the fighter that she is - seems to continually overcome these.  Her lungs are functioning great & she has been outputting fluids (a.k.a. peeing) better than she ever has.  Her kidneys are the next thing that they have been treating & monitoring so hopefully we'll see some results soon.

If her heart doesn't begin to gain strength it will be necessary for the rest of her organs & systems to be stable & properly functioning in order for us to even consider any surgical options (which apparently aren't even very good options, but might end up being all we have).

So continue to pray for a miracle that her heart would be healed.  But also for little improvements each day, as those give us amazing hope & encouragement.  And thanks again for all your love.

-Erik & Christa


The KJs said...

We love you guys and will definitely keep praying!!!

The Liezen Family said...

Erik and Christa,
Though we just had the opportunity to meet you both last week at the Young Life banquet, you have been in our prayers ever since. We will continue to pray for small improvements and we will continue to pray for a miracle! Thank you for sharing Ella's story with us through this blog.
JoEne Liezen

Jen said...

I have been thinking and praying for little Ella (and your family) all day. We will continue to pray for her heart and other systems. Love, The Sniders

Misha Leigh. said...

Still praying. Praying for miracles, comfort, peace for your boys and some rest for you. But mostly big, precious miracles for Ella. Praying psalm 23 for you. For no fear and so much peace because he is with you and Ella. Sending love.

Nicoly said...

Hi Christa,
You don't know me but Courtney Henson is my sister and told me about your blog. My entire Mommy group is praying for Ella and so is my family...Courtney was a miracle baby who beat the odds and we're believing for Ella too. God bless your family!
Nicole Riensche

Vanessa said...

Christa & Eric-

Hello dear sweet friends. My heart aches for you as parents. I wish that I could be there to be with you guys right now. The timing apparently just is not in my favor. I am covering your little girl (yeah!) with prayer. If I can give you some unsolicited advice I would like to. It may not help-but take it for what it is worth. God is God when you have doctors telling you bad news. God is God when you have doctors telling you good news. But as Ella grows, when she is dedicated, when she takes her first steps, goes off to college, gets married-those moments will be so much sweeter for you because of her fight that is ahead of her right now. Don't hold back the tears, pour out your heart to Him, for He cannot help but to be faithful to us-that is who He is. Praying long and hard for you all,
Vanessa & family

dundeehowards said...

We are praying so much for little Ella! My dad(Bruce Haroldson) shared your info and blog with us and we are so grateful he did! I passed on your story as well and am asking everyone to pray for her. We pray for your beautiful little girl, for the healing of her heart and the strength to keep fighting. We pray for that miracle! Lord please heal her and may the Angels guard her and protect her! Blessings to you all! Sincerely Darin and Jennifer (Haroldson) Howard and family