Sunday, November 21, 2010

No News is Good News

If you have been eagerly awaiting an update after our super intense/emotional day on Thursday, we apologize for a bit of a delay.  The past 2 days have actually been very good.  Ella has been surprisingly stable and hasn't had any of the episodes that prompted the doctors to begin thinking ahead for worst case scenarios.  In fact a lot of her numbers (blood pressure, hear rate, kidney function) have become more ideal.  Even an x-ray appeared to show a fairly significant decrease in the size of her heart.  But the key is still the performance of the heart, so we are cautious to read too much into everything - but at the same time hopeful - as we await the next echogram on monday morning.  Still, we can't help but enjoy that apparent improvement and more importantly, seeing her in the most peaceful rest she's had so far.

We continue to pray for a calming of our hearts as we think about the future.  We have been doing our best to take it day by day, but we also can't help but look ahead a bit & wonder how this will play out for us & our family (mostly in the practical, day-to-day sense).  It's kind of a grind to visit the hospital multiple times a day when you have two great boys that need your time & attention as well - especially when Ella is having scary ups & downs.  Then there's the hypothetical situation where this goes on for weeks, even months (which would be totally fine if it meant Ella got better).  But how can we establish a healthy routine if each day could be our last with Ella, yet we still have to deal with the practical realities of life (work, bills, responsibilities, etc)?  How can we function as everything around us moves forward when all we want to do is keep our life on hold?  We know this will be a struggle to work out, but we ask for your prayer that we would remember to fully trust God every day.  He already knows what we will need and has it taken care of if we just let him, so what good is it to over-worry, over-plan & over-think things?  Isn't that saying we don't believe He will come through?  Lord, help us to truly believe that you always come through.


The Boggs Family said...
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The Boggs Family said...

My heart is heavy for you guys --- cannot tell you how much I just... ache in my soul... for what you are going through. The way you share your hearts and thoughts is so, incredibly moving & transparent. We continue to pray daily for you all and appreciate knowing specifics to pray for, too. May you continue to be flooded with His supernatural peace and strength, and encouraged with praises for her improvement along the journey. We love you guys...

JenniDetling said...

Krista, I can't even imagine what you are going through and how your heart is hurting for your precious baby! I just wanted you to know that churches all over Spokane will be lifting your family and Ella up in prayer! With love,
Jenni Detling

Jen said...

We are so thrilled to hear all the great things God has done in Ella's little body. We are continuing to pray for all of you!
Nick, Jen, & Mia Snider

Deanna said...

How kind the LORD is! How good he is! So merciful, this God of ours!
~ Psalm 116:5

Our prayer is that this is on your hearts as we pray for you. Your strenght in our Lord is an encouragement to everyone and so amazing to "watch" as you tell your story.

With Love and Prayer,
Don and Deanna Harrison

cheryl said...

Christa and Erik,
I missed visiting your blog for a couple of days although I continued to pray for Ella and your family. The family pictures are beautiful and ones I know that you will cherish for a lifetime. Your trust in God and the peace He has given you is wonderful. Although there is no way for me to understand the pain and worry that you are enduring, I continue to pray that God will sustain you and heal your sweet baby girl.

Tommy and Cheryl Dobson

vix13 said...

Hi Christa, Erik and lovely family of precious Ella,
I've been following Ella's blog since she was born, and here in Austrlalia there are now many, many "prayer warriers" joining in your journey. Your honesty and your authentic relationship with God is an inspiration to us all, and you have called many to re-examine our own faith and our own belief in the power of prayer with your reflection. I knew your dad, Christa, way back in the 70's, and you are so like him in your faith. Thank you for sharing Ella's story - we love you, and we hold you all in our hearts and prayers.

Ruth said...

We have been praying non-stop. Most recently that your marriage would be protected through this trying and stressful time and that your boys would be given a resilience that can only come from the Spirit. We trust God will give you the strength you need to meet each new day. You are covered in prayer...

The Stoops Family

kroddel said...

C & E-This news fills my soul with comfort. It's so fulfilling to see God at work. I am praying, praying, praying for all of you and I love you. Your family pictures are priceless and beautiful; what a special time with your boys-who I continue to pray for as well. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to be juggling everything you have on your plate. I am so glad that you have family close by, and many dear friends that are reaching out in so many ways; bless their hearts. Heavenly Father, please be with my dear friends during this very hard time. Please make your presence known to them and lay your healing hand on sweet baby Ella. I know she is already a miracle Lord, but please keep making her a miracle over and over again. I love her so much and she has such amazing parents that need her, and she needs them; for life, for love, for memories, for joy. And please be with Elijah and Ayden. Hold their little hands and hearts as their parents face the unknown. Help them to see and understand your perfect will, despite ups and downs. Fill their soul with happiness and surround them when they feel confused and broken. Thank you for who they are, Jesus, and who they will continue to become through your plan.Thank you that they know you and love you and continue to look to you for strength and healing. Please remind them how much I love and care for them and give them a constant sense of peace.

Take good care, I love you guys!!
Kristen Steinle

Jenny said...

I'm so glad Ella has had a couple of good days! My kids will be so excited to hear this!

Linda said...

Praising and praying with you and for you and your sweet baby Ella.
Although this journey you are on right now is filled with emotions that most of could never imagine, I want you to know that your faith through this has been such a testimony of God's love and grace and power.
Don't give up believing, don't give up hoping...God's word says in Romans 5 "And we rejoice in the 'hope' of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, 'hope'. and 'hope' does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."
Stay encouraged, and know that you are loved.
Andi's mom - Linda

pwrhouse22 said...

Erik and Christa,

Although I don't believe we have met, I do recognize you from New Community. I heard about your circumstances from friends at Branches and have been following your story ever since. I have been praying for you and Ella fervently!! I pray that God continues to envelop you in his amazing love! I pray that He brings you comfort, peace and strength during this difficult time! I pray for complete healing for Ella - Lord we boldly ask for a miracle!

I also wanted to encourage you regarding the realities of day-to-day life and the challenge of juggling the boys, Ella and everything else that is pulling for your time. It is ok that your life needs to look a little different right now. When you are with your two amazing boys, whether it be for just a few minutes or several hours, try as much as you possibly can to be there – be in the moment, be as present as you possibly can. And know that when you are not able to be with them that they know they are loved and adored by their mommy and daddy. Also know that God will cover them. God is an amazing father and I pray that He will help you and cover all of you as you walk this journey with Him.

There are so many people praying for you, your family and that little precious Ella! May God be glorified and exalted! Please don’t hesitate to ask for any further help that may be needed. We are all family and we are all there for you, whether we know each other or not!

Suzanne Robinson

Karli said...

still praying! not giving up!

rhonda cyr said...

erik and christa,
sometimes it's hard to find the words, .. what will encourage? what will express hope, .. what can be said that will not feel like just more generic well-wishes? i realize that only God can meet you where you are at, and give hope and peace when the mountain of reality seems insurmountable.
but i do know that God very intentionally set us on this planet in community. that we would encourage, hold up, and pray for one another. so when 2 or more gather together to pray, there God is in the midst of them. i'm thinkin' this "community" that God has brought around you is definitely more than 2. :) we can know for certain, that He is here in the midst, ... at work. moment by moment, .. step by step, .. one day at a time. God's timing is always perfect, .. He knows the "big picture", .. and He's already written the end of the story. as you turn one page at a time, ... i am praying, continually.
just one of your "community",

Nicoly said...

My family went through this 34 years ago when my sister Courtney was a preemie and in the hospital 2-3 months. My parents were in and out while she was touch and go. I was 3 and the only memory I have of that time was when we were supposed to bring her home from the hospital and instead she had emergency surgery and we got a new puppy. I say this to encourage you for your sons. I know you may feel like you are neglecting them but they probably won't remember that aspect at all in the long run. You do what you can do and God's grace will take care of the rest. I believe God can perform this own sister is a living example of what God can do! Praying for you!
-Nicole R.