Friday, November 12, 2010

Latest Update

I don't recall ever asking others to pray for pee, but I am now!  It isn't an urgent concern, but the doctor said Ella needs to produce more urine, which will (for whatever reason) get other systems to more normal levels.  That has been one of their main goals for the day.  The other thing they need to balance is the potential for blood clotting in her left ventricle.  If it clots, it could be catastrophic.  But if the medication they are very carefully & lightly administering causes the blood to get too thin, it could cause other problems such as long term brain damage.  So obviously everything is quite delicate and all the doctors & nurses have been really wonderful.

Meanwhile, the cardiologist noted that the heart did decrease in size between echo-grams, but there was no improvement in function.  The left ventricle is still not really pumping at all, only "quivering" a bit.  Her right ventricle is doing all of the work right now.  They gave her a little blood overnight because her red-cell count was low, and this morning her skin looked less pale this morning than last night to me.  On the positive side, the doctor said she should be weening off of whatever blood pressure medication she has been on because that has been doing well.

Overall, the doctor said she has taken a small step backwards from yesterday, but likely due more to these secondary conditions.   The key is getting her heart to strengthen & function.

The next time I pray for proper urine flow, I hope its when I'm about 90 years old in an effort to avoid wearing Depends... or wait, actually there should be no next time.



Sue Asbjornsen said...

Erik, thank you for posting an update that even included humor when your heart as a daddy and husband must be aching. May you and Christa be encouraged by knowing that the prayers for Ella are far reaching. May you have strength and endurance beyond what humanly possible. And may there be a step forward soon! Pee Ella, pee!

Kathy said...

Erik and Christa, you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses who are holding you and little Ella in our hearts and praying for her continued strength and healing. We love you guys so much, and are with you in this struggle. God bless you all, and thank you SO much for sharing through this blog.

Jen said...

Praying for your family and sweet baby Ella!

Linda said...

Erik and Christa, Please know you will be held up in prayer for comfort and peace and healing for Ella.
She is beautiful!!!!
Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this difficult time.
You are loved,
Linda and Bob

PAPA's Notes said...

Erik, Randi and I (Kevin's Parents) have been following your journey with little Ella. We are praying that God's will will bring healing and comfort to Ella and your family. Having met you but once I know you are a man of God and I trust that He will walk this path with you. Blessings, Gregg and Randi

Sharon said...

Erik, I'm Courtney's Mum and I so vividly recall asking for prayer for our 32 week baby to 'pee and poop' after they performed a 'double barreled illiostomy' on her tiny 3# body. Courtney is a beautiful answer to many, many prayers. We will pray for your beautiful family and wait patiently to hear just how God chooses to heal her. She is a 'Beauty'...:-)

Janice said...

Erik and Christa, Just this morning I was blessed in the Word from Ephesians 1:4, and following. It's the truth you mention in your update, Erik. Truly the Father has known Ella from before the foundations of the world.And He has known you her loving parents.
We are with you interceding before the Throne Room of grace to find grace to help in time of need. May your hearts continue to take profound encouragement from the prayers and gestures of so many. May the love of God and His presence with and in you sustain you as His children.You are so right.. Ella's heart was knit in Christa's womb. He knows every cell of her body and He holds each of you. With you we trust for His perfect will to be done. We love you and continue to pray. And thank you for posting the video a few days ago. Ella has beautiful eyes!Bob and Janice and family.